Streamline Your Laundromat Operations with Modern Laundry Systems


Technology is changing the laundry industry at a fast pace. This means with the right Girbau North America coin operated washing machine, you can optimize your laundry operation and enhance the outcomes for your business and customers. To streamline your laundry operations, you must rethink the traditional laundry systems and replace them with modern systems to have a more interactive business process. As such, different laundry equipment has different functions that ease up the washing process. Modern laundry equipment is designed for the entire process, making it easy to work together.

Here are some of the ways modern laundry systems can streamline operations at your laundromat:

Water efficiency

Modern laundry systems are designed to use the correct amount of water. This means that there is no excess water to deal with, which helps you save money on your water bill and use less energy to remove the excess water. When your laundry system is water efficient, it will use less energy in the dry cycle. Girbau North America laundry systems have a water efficiency setting. They can help you save up to 50% of the water automatically and also help you determine the right amount of water you need for each wash.

High water extraction

The high-water extraction feature means that the machines remove the eater during rinse and spin. This makes it easier to dry the clothes before they get to the dryers. Modern machines often have the function of faster spin times that are measured by the rotation speed in the spin cycles. The high-water extraction features help reduce the drying time and provide huge savings on utility costs.

EcoPower drying

During the drying process, the EcoPower drying feature monitors the moisture content of a load of laundry and automatically reduces the dryer temperature once the ideal “dry” level is reached. Preventing “over-drying” helps increase the lifespan of clothing and linens while also saving up to 15% on gas and electricity expenditures.

Integrated laundry systems

Modern laundry systems are engineered to work together from the start. This feature helps to maximize the benefits of optimizing your laundry operations. Integrated systems have improved speed that makes your laundry operations faster. It makes it easier to process more volume and saves time for your customers and employees. If you are interested in increasing the capacity of your laundry equipment a modern laundry system is your go-to. They easily work together, by combining volume with temperature control and energy efficiency.

Combining water-efficient wasters and energy-efficient dryers helps optimize the laundry process and improve the whole outcome, including productivity, efficiency, and cost saving. The best laundry system for your business is the one that has been designed to start to work together. Integration is important when optimizing laundry functions and moving from one part of the system to another.

The greatest option for a streamlined laundry system is to get washers and dryers that were designed to function together right beginning. By redefining the traditional laundry operation and seeing it as an interconnected system, a laundry business can enhance its efficiency, productivity, and costs while managing volume and capacity and helping improve the bottom line.

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