Single Wall or Double Wall Boxes: Which Option Suits your Shipping Needs

Picking the right packaging boxes is important. You can pick from many options and both the price and features vary. Although you may want to pick the lowest priced option to minimize your shipping costs, this could lead to products being damaged during transit. Also, when you use the wrong packaging material, you may end up dealing with unnecessary frustration and wasted time. Whether you are buying box packaging or shipping boxes, you have to think about many factors including whether to pick a single-wall or double-wall box.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are used for many applications that include picking, packaging, shipping, moving, storage, and more, and more. They are available in single wall and double wall varieties; however, they are made of fluted paper sheet sandwiched between two sheets of liner paper. The boxes’ inner and outer layers can be made from recycled paper, test paper, or Kraft paper.

Single Wall Boxes

These boxes are designed using a layer of fluting. This kind of box is often used for shipping in the e-commerce industry. They are economical and offer the cushioned protection and rigidity that businesses require from a shipping container to ensure their products remain undamaged during transit.

Corrugated cardboard has a fluted corrugated sheet and a flat liner board or two. The flutes run parallel to the depth of the box and offer its rigidity and strength for stacking. Also, they offer insulation to protect the content of the box form sudden changes in temperature. In single wall boxes, A, B, C, and E flutes are used. The thicket is the A flute that offers the greatest rigidity for stacking.

Double Wall Boxes

These boxes are made using two layers of fluting. Such layers are often different sizes and combine the benefits of different flute types. These boxes feature 5-ply construction that offers a good deal of strength. That is why double wall boxes are ideal for heavier items and products that require good protection levels. Flutes for double wall boxes are made using B and C flutes.

When you shop for custom boxes, take into account how they will be used. Custom double wall boxes require a bigger investment than custom single wall boxes. However, they could save you the expense of damaged products and the frustration of not having boxes that stack up neatly.

Look for a box manufacturer that offers a wide variety of single wall and double wall custom boxes that suit your application. They should have whatever you need for storing, shipping, and transporting products of all shapes and sizes.



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