Leave Your Floors Spotless with an Industrial Floor Cleaner

If you work in the food industry and are tired of seeing grease stains all over your floor, perhaps it’s time to consider getting an industrial floor cleaner to replace your old one. This type of special solution easily cuts through the tenacious grime, grease and oil from commercial flooring and other hard surfaces. Because of this, it makes a great degreaser for those in the food industry. It’s also ideal for a variety of other cleaning applications such as floor scrubbers and pressure washers.

Different Uses

A heavy duty floor cleaner is ideal for heavy industry, engineering, shipyards, railways, machine shops, car plants, printing works, steelworks, and local authorities. It also makes an excellent commercial floor cleaner, especially for those in the food industry. This type of floor cleaning liquid is made with a fast-acting formula that quickly cleans and removes grease, oils, stains, and ingrained dirt from all hard floors.

In fact, an industrial floor cleaner is ideal for cleaning workshop floors, walls, roofs, skylights, walkways, safety flooring, equipment, plant machinery, chassis, concrete, conveyors, road signs, traffic cones, and more. It’s the best type of cleaner regardless of what type of industry you are in.

Benefits of Using a Heavy Duty Cleaner in Your Business

As mentioned previously, a heavy-duty floor cleaner can be used for a variety of different things. There are also many benefits that come with using it. For one, this type of floor cleaner is non-flammable due to the fact that it is a water-based formula. So you never have to worry about any fire accidents when using it. Because of the fact that the formula is concentrated, you won’t ever have to use too much of it. It’ll last longer, so you also save money since you’re buying a cleaner less often. Speaking of the formula, be sure that when you are searching for an industrial floor cleaner for your business, you find one that has the right cleaning chemicals in it, otherwise your floors could be damaged.

Another benefit of using a heavy-duty cleaner for your business is that it removes soiling quickly and effectively no matter how deeply ingrained it may be. This type of floor cleaner is also safe to use and has the ability to leave your floors slip-free and clean all in one go.


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