Five Warning Signs It’s Time to Contact your Local AC Company


Air conditioners provide the best way to fight back the sweltering high temperatures of summer days. It can keep you cool during the hottest days of the season and maintaining your AC properly ensures it works efficiently. But, if your AC is not functioning properly, you must seek the services of an expert. You must contact a qualified professional who specializes in AC Repair Apache Junction. But, it is important to determine whether you want to get your AC replaced or repaired.

Below are some indications it is time to call your local AC repair company:

The AC is Not Blowing Cool Air

In case your air conditioning unit is no longer blowing cool air, it may have some issues. Regardless of how low the thermostat of your AC is set, when the air duct is releasing hot air, turn of the unit and contact an AC repair expert. Reputable AC repair companies have experts who can restore your air conditioner’s optimal performance.  You will also  need professional services if your AC has restricted or blocked air filters.

Foul Smell

Home appliances such as refrigerators and TV sets can cause a foul smell when there is a problem. But, this is also true if your air conditioner is problematic. Mold can develop on the inside of the unit and stink up the indoor space. In these conditions, you must turn off the AC right away and get it fixed by a professional AC repairman.

Strange Noises

The majority of air conditioners run with an ambient white-noise. But, if your unit is making some strange noises, you must get it checked by your local AC company.  Turn off the unit as soon as you notice any kind of grinding or squealing noise.

Thermostat Failure

The thermostat of your AC can break down because of many reasons. If your thermostat is no longer working normally, call an expert that provides HVAC repair services.

High Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bills keep on increasing month after month, especially during the summer season, this could indicate your AC might be broken. Improper maintenance, failing parts, or old HVAC systems are the common causes of this type of problem. Make sure to contact your local AC Company to get the HVAC unit serviced and restore its optimal performance immediately. While you will spend money on the services, you can save a significant amount on the energy cost once your unit works optimally again.

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