Copper round bar applications

Copper Round Bar has a variety of use cases. The applications include structural, electrical and thermal applications as well. The copper bars are used to produce butts, tacks, builders’ hardware, soldering copper, ball floats, wire screening, cotter pins, pouting, rivets, gutters, roofing, flashing, skylight frames and automotive gaskets. Different applications require different mechanical properties. So the copper bars are produced in different grades. The grades range from pure copper to alloyed copper materials. There are pure copper grades that have copper up to 99.99% in the composition. There are nickel, chromium and silver alloys as well.

The copper round bar is also used to produce other smaller accessories as well. The highly electric conductivity and the thermal conductivity of the material make it most used in electrical equipment and heat exchangers. There are solid bars, hexagon bars, square bars and flat bars made of copper. The solid copper round bar is used in applications where the corrosion resistance along with structural strength is needed. The marine water applications, sea water desalinization plants and the automotive parts use the corrosion resistance properties of copper. It has a very high chloride ion corrosion resistance so that it could last very long under saline environments. The different grades of copper rods have different prices. The copper rod price depends on the size, grade and shape of the copper rod. The market fluctuations, availability, supplier stock, demand and transportation can also affect the price of the copper products. The arrival of alternatives for copper can also play a major role in deciding the price.


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