Choose the Right Wireline Tools to Monitor the Situation within the Wells


Wirelines are electrical cables mostly used in the oil and gas industry to lower tools into the well to get information about the wells’ condition. Wirelines can be of different types and if you have no clue about them, then it always better to call a wireline expert near you and ask for their advice.

Overview of Wireline Logging

If you have just joined an oil and gas company, then you might need to update your knowledge about wireline tools. You will keep hearing this word often and you do not want to lose face amongst your peers if you have no idea about what wireline logging is all about.

Oil is derived from oil wells that need to be drilled. Not all wells will yield positive results. So, how do you determine the success ratio of these wells? Here is where wireline logging comes into the picture.  Here a logging tool is lowered inside the well, attached to the end of a wireline. This logging tool then records the petrophysical properties of the well with the help of sensors.

The information collected from the logging tool helps to identify different formations inside the well and whether it will yield positive results or not. It also gives you a brief insight into whether any additional treatment is required for the oil to be used commercially or not.

Types of Wirelines

Wirelines used in the logging process can be of different types:

  • Guy Lines
  • Sand Lines
  • Drum to Blocks Lines
  • Solid Wires
  • Electric Lines

You can make use of guy lines, which are wire ropes that are used to anchor derricks or mast assembly to provide stability. Sand lines are long cables that are used during bailing or swabbing process.

In the drum and block lines, the block lines act as a pulley to pull the equipment to the derricks. The lines are attached to a reel drum to the blocks. Solid wires consist of braided cables that you can use to carry out several tests. It can also be used to lower measurement devices into the wells.

The most common style used here is the wire ropes. If you look closely you can see that these ropes are made from single strands that are woven together at the center and smaller strands braided at the sides. Electric lines are cables that can help lower equipment into the wells and provide information about the condition of the well.


Wirelines need to be maintained properly. These should be checked regularly to avoid corrosion or damage.

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