8 Most Common Custom Box Styles


Custom Boxes are light in weight, highly-durable, shock-proof, and accessible in any shape and size required. What’s more, they are available at far lower costs than every single other sort of packaging material, including glass and plastic. Maybe, these are the motivation behind why custom boxes are ruling the worldwide bundling and dispatching industry for the last numerous decades.

If you want to start using the custom boxes for packaging or shipping your products, here are the best styles that are available in the market.

8 Most Common Styles of Custom Boxes

RSC (Regular Slotted Container)

This is the most broadly utilized style of cardboard containers. Every one of the folds of the case is of the same length giving it a square look. The two external folds meet at the inside hub of the case when shut.

AFM (All Flaps Meet)

The design of these custom boxes is practically like that of customary opened containers. In any case, here, both the external and internal folds meet in the central hub of the box, making an even surface like a piece of the inside of the case.

FOL (Full Overlap Container)

The covered folds at the bottom of the box work as a pad, which ingests the vibration before they arrive at the thing inside. When collapsed, the external folds are seen covering one another.

HSC (Half Slotted Container)

They are like RSC layered boxes, yet they don’t have folds at one side. With just one set of folds, these styles of boxes are broadly utilized as a cover. It includes simple stacking in shipping the items.

FPF (Five Panel Folder)

The style offers a more significant level of security and extra solidarity to long things of littler width. A few layers of cardboards are joined together, and the fifth board is utilized as the furthest fold, which is a single cut in the whole box.

DST (Design Style Tray)

Tray style boxes are used for putting away articles, and it can likewise be utilized as a front of another DST or HSC. This single piece plate is broadly picked as a storage container for substantial weight level articles.

OPF (One Piece Folder)

A single bit of cardboard is sliced to accomplish a flat bottom, with folds forming the sides. The side folds are covering the top and bottom of the container. It is, for the most part, used to bundle books and other written materials.

DC (Double Cover Box)

This is our last custom box style. They are used in the packaging of heavier and taller articles. First, the item is placed on the bottom, and after that, the center shell is gradually brought down to cover the item.

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